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Brexit: Business as usual for Diamond Pharma Services 2016-06-27

EU Referendum Result: Business as usual for the Diamond Pharma Services group of companies

HARLOW, United Kingdom, June 27, 2016

There is, as one would expect, a period of uncertainty that will likely follow last week's news that the public of the United Kingdom voted in favour of an exit from the European Union.

This uncertainty is expected to be felt across a variety of sectors and, as yet, the impact on the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries is not known.

The Diamond Pharma Services group of companies already function as a global organisation. In addition to our UK based teams, Diamond also has teams of our own fully trained staff in mainland Europe and USA. We also have a tight network of affiliates across Europe which will allow us to continue to operate all EU activities across the Regulatory and PV sectors.

Dr Maureen Graham commented "The proposed United Kingdom exit from the European Union has been a topic that Diamond Pharma Services has discussed internally since the Referendum date was set; we have been working to anticipate the effect this could have on our business, as well as our clients. We believe that we have positioned ourselves so that it is business as usual".

As the political and regulatory situation evolves, Diamond will take whatever measures are necessary to remain a leading consultancy, actively engaged with European National Competent Authorities and the European Medicines Agency (EMA).

About Diamond Pharma Services:
Diamond Pharma Services is a leading technical and scientific consulting group serving the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. The Diamond Pharma Services group specialises in EU and US regulatory affairs, product development, pharmacovigilance and compliance.


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